About Me

Justin Aukema (ジャスティン・アウケマ)
Ph.D. (Sophia University)
Associate Professor, Osaka Metropolitan University
Faculty of Economics

I'm currently Associate Professor in the Faculty of Economics at Osaka Metropolitan (formerly City) University. I specialize in modern Japanese history with a focus on war memory, economy, and politics. Below is a partial list of publications.

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Published Works

Edited Volumes
Sven Saaler and Justin Aukema, "The Politics of Memory in Japan and East Asia," Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Course Reader No. 7, 2013.

Journal and other articles
Aukema, Justin. “A Problem for all humanity: Nagasaki Writer Hayashi Kyoko Probes the Dangers of Nuclear Energy.” The Asia – Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Vol. 9, Issue 52, No. 3 (26 December 2011).

Aukema, Justin. "The Need to Narrate the Tokyo Air Raids: The Literature of Saotome Katsumoto." In Rachael Hutchinson and Leith Morton eds. The Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese Literature, Routledge 2016.




Aukema, Justin.“Cultures of(Dis)remembrance and the Effects of Discourse at the Hiyoshidai Tunnels.” Japan Review, No.32 (Feb. 2019): 127-150.

Aukema, Justin. “Cultures of (dis)remembrance: War Memories atShuri Castle.”『現代社会研究科論集』第13号(2019年3月).

Justin Aukema. “Views of valuable cultural assets threatened.” Japan Today. 9 February 2012.

Justin Aukema. “Author sees parallels between prewar, nuclear indoctrination.” The Japan Times. 20 March 2012.

Justin Aukema. “Last Tokyo street view of Mt. Fuji set to go.” The Japan Times. 16 December 2012.

Justin Aukema. "Wartime tunnels under Keio campus threatened." The Japan Times. 26 November 2013.

Justin Aukema, "Hiroshima A-Bomb Military Facility Scheduled for Destruction," Shingetsu News Agency, January 7, 2020. 

Sato Takumi. “Consumption of Images of Nazi Culture in Postwar Japan.” Translated by Justin Aukema in Mutual Perceptions in Japanese-German Relations: Images, Imaginings, and Stereotypes. Leiden: Brill, 2017.

Kawakita Atsuko. “Images of Japan in German Media: Images of Self and Other in Relation to the ‘Past.’” Translated by Justin Aukema in Sven, Saaler, Mutual Perceptions in Japanese-German Relations: Images, Imaginings, and Stereotypes. Leiden: Brill, 2017.

Justin Aukema. “The Smithsonian – Enola Gay Controversy: Including Wisconsin Perspectives on the Exhibit and the Atomic Bombings,” B.A. Graduation Capstone, Presented at the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire, 2008

Justin Aukema. "Passing on the Memory of the Great Tokyo Air Raid in Saotome Katsumoto's War and Youth." M.A. Thesis, Presented at Sophia University, Sept. 2012.

Aukema, Justin. "SENSEKI: Memories, Narratives, and Ideologies at Japanese War Sites." Ph.D. Dissertation. Presented at Sophia University, January 2020.

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